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Panasonic Klippemaskin ER-FGP74

Produktnummer: T224

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More ergonomics and power! Cuts 60,000 hairs per second with a weight of just 245 grams! Lithium-Ion battery for greater durability and quieter use. Power, performance, elegance and working comfort. X-taper Blade 2.0. 1 hr full charge. 50 min use.

ER-FGP74 Panasonic Klippemaskin

Japanese Blade Tech
Japanese blades, sharpened to a 45° cutting angle for the closest cut, with a new DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating that conducts less heat for added comfort. A pledge of quality for you and your clientele.

A powerful linear motor with patented constant control
Cuts 60,000 hairs per second with no loss of power, even on the thickest hair! The 10,000-rpm linear motor with constant control assures a constant powerful cut regardless of the battery charge level or hair density.

Lighter and even more ergonomic
Just 245 grams for this concentrated power. A slim silhouette offers maximum working comfort while safeguarding your health and assuring cutting pleasure. A clean design harmonizes with the esthetics of new salons.

  1. An ultra-natural grip for mixing cutting techniques
  2. Ergonomic cutting height dial adjustment: for left- and right-handed stylists
  3. Ultra-compact charging and storage stand optimizes your workspace

Lithium-ion battery, quiet use and durability
Recharge at any time without waiting for the battery to completely discharge. More power and durability over time.

Technical features

  • Constant control linear motor: cuts 60,000 hairs/second
  • 5 position cutting height dial adjustment: 0.8 mm to 2 mm in 0.3 mm increments
  • 6 cutting lengths with 3 double combs 3/4 mm ; 6/9 mm ; 12/15 mm
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Works with or without a cord
  • Lithium-Ion battery; automatic universal voltage
  • Complete battery charge in 1 hour; Up to 50 minutes of cordless use